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What is It?

Haatnow is a platform to connect rural sellers and buyers.

It is also a platform for occupational training and practical education. HaatNow aims to bring more earning opportunities to the rural producers.

HaatNow App provides features to sellers for listing their produce and services.

using HaatNow Buyers  are able to look for nearby sellers, their products and place  orders. using HaatNow Delivery agents are facilitated to pick deliveries from sellers and deliver them to buyers. Location enabled system provides realtime info of the delivery progress. There are many other features in the HaatNow App.
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You can download the HaatNow app to register yourself and get Involved.

If you are a producer of commodities you can download the App and start listing your products. If you  are a buyer, you can Install the App and look for suppliers and their products. If you are interested in logistics you can download the app and look for delivery opportunities.

Education is not just about degrees

Haatnow aims to provide relevant and practical education. Education that make them more equipped to face the real world challanges of existance and growth

Improving the Supply Chain

Sellers need to improve the way they operate their business.The Increased penetration of information has lead to higher level of expectations among various stakeholders of the supply chain and particularly the buyer. Sticking to the same old methods of supply is not sustainable. Modernisation is required in the way buyers are engaged and products are delivered.

Environment Friendly Practices

The care and sensitivity for environment is the basis of sustainable rural ecosystem. Improvements in practices for increased efficiency should not come at the cost of degradation or disregard for the nature.  e.g burning of stubble is an easy way out to get rid of old crop residue, but it leads to progressive degradation of soil quality and pollution of the air.  Education is also about adopting ways to ensure that practices lead to improvement of surroundings and nature and not otherwise.

Knowledge is Power!

There are many schemes, policies and framework by the Government that are useful to the producers. Schemes exists for providing finance, insurance, weather forecasts, pricing etc which  producers can use to improve the standards of farming practices. Various researched practices of crop disease preventions also exists that can minimise losses. HaatNow! also aims to dessiminate such knowledge to the producers.

Social Advancement

Many parts of rural India is also prone to social evils and beliefs that has taken the form of culture. Be it discrimination against girl childs towards acquiring education, infanticide of girl childs, addictions to alcohol or tobacco, or be it beliefs in sorcery for curing diseases. Education is required to create an improved outlook in the minds of people that is based on correct facts and principles.


Help bringing equitable income opportunities and practical education for the rural population.

Our farmers produce one of the most important ingredients essential for our daily existance. In return they do not always get their due. Various gaps in the existing system leads to suboptimal returns and force them to abandon their usual livelyhood in search of better income and living standards. Lack of education and knowledge also leads to practices that are not sutainable long-term sustainance.Our farmers produce one of the most important ingredients essential for our daily existance. In return they do not always get their due. Various gaps in the existing system leads to suboptimal returns and force them to abandon their usual livelyhood in search of better income and living standards. Lack of education and knowledge also leads to practices that are not sutainable long-term sustainance.

Expected Outcomes

Mangat Ram, The Tomato grower in Sultanpur, UP – India.

Mangat Ram, 57 is a vegetable grower. He has land holding of 8 acres, in Sultanpur. Among other crops he grows tomatos mainly.

The Problem.

Mangat Ram faced a problem with his tomato plants. There were dark patches on the leaves of the plants. This was unusual as it did not happen normally.

HaatNow Solution

Mangat Ram came to know about the HaatNow village representative, Anil, 23 and about the serivces HaatNow is trying to provide. Anil told Mangat Ram that he needs to have a smart phone in order to click the photos of the problem. Mangat Ram’s son, Arjun, 18 who goes to college was luckily having a smartphone. Anil installed the HaatNow App on his phone and informed the HaatNow team of the problem. HaatNow Team contacted the Kishan Call Center, shared the photos can came up with the below advise:

(1) Thiram or Captan @ 3g/Kg should have been used on the seeds before sowing. (2) Dithane M45 @ 1.5Kg in 500L should be sprayed per hactare after transplantation. Although the loss could not be controlled this season, but it was a lesson for future. It also underlines how relevant education and knowledge is essential to prevent loss.

Dinesh Koiri, Vegetable Grower in Darbhanga , Bihar, India

Dinesh Koiri, 65 is a vegetable grower from Darbhanga, in the state of Bihar. He sells the vegetable daily during season.

The Problem.

Dinesh, harvests vegetable everyday based on demand in his local mandi. He knows that he must harvest the entire crop within 3 months to get maximum return from his investment in crops of cauliflowers and green peas. As the demand of his items was limited he was looking for feasible market to sell his extra vegetables.

HaatNow Solution

HaatNow is a platform for exchange of information between sellers and buyers. Dinesh installed HatNow app on his mobile and uploaded the pictures of his crop. He was able to set the selling price of the crop based on his excess inventory and local mandi price. He started receiving orders and was able to sell upto 80-100Kg of cauliflowers and 50-60Kg of greenpeas daily. This was an additional 3000/- Rs of income on daily basis.

Farmer’s Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users say:

“हाटनो से हमें बहुत लाभ हुआ। हुमरी बिकरी डेर गुना बढ़ गेई। अभि पास के गाँव से भी लोग खरीदीन लगे क्यूकी दाम यहाँ काम था”

HaatNow helped us Immensely. Our Sales grew 1.5 times. We were able to sell in nearby villages also as our prices were less.
Shanta Ram,47

Vegetable Grower, Idukki, Keral India

इससे पहले मैं केवल चौसा में बेचता था। मेरी बिक्री कम थी और सब्जी भी खराब हो जाती थी। हाटनो के आने के बाद, बक्सर से  भी बिक्री शुरू हो गए। मेरी बिक्री में 30% की वृद्धि हुई

Earlier i used to sell vegetables in Chausa only. My sale was less and vegetables used to get spoilt also. After coming of HaatNow, orders started coming from Buxar also. My sale increased by 30%
Chaturbhuj Kurmi, 55

Vegetable Grower, Chausa, Bihar, India

Haatnow बाजरा फसल में बीमारियों को रोकने के तरीकों की सलाह दी। मुझे बोने से पहले बीज का इलाज करने और एक अलग विविधता का उपयोग करने के लिए कहा गया था।

Haatnow advised us ways to prevent diseases in millet crop. I was asked to treat the seeds before sowing and use a different variety also.
Sriram Singh ,45

Millet Grower, Guna, India

हाटनो ने मुझे और मेरे जैसे दो और उत्पादकों को जमे हुए हरी मटर बेचने वाली बड़ी कंपनी से आदेश प्राप्त करने में मदद की।

HaatNow helped me and 2 more growers like me to get order from a big company that sells frozen green peas.
Savita Rani,35

Green Peas Grower, Banda, Uttar Pradesh, India

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