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Using Rubru.live for video conferencing and eLearning

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Rubru.live video conferencing can be used for eLearning by Teachers and Students alike.

Teachers can host the class and control the participants (pupil’s) activities. Typically teacher’s video camera and microphone shall be ON during the class. All the microphones of students shall be OFF during the class.

If a student has to ask question he/she can turn on the MIC and speak to the teacher.

Concepts of Rubru.live

The rubru.live video conference solution is based on below core concepts

  • Account
    • Typically a small/medium school will have 1 account
  • Room
    • Each teacher can have a room exclusive to him/her to be used for connecting to the class.
  • Host
    • The teacher is the “Host”
  • Participants
    • Students are the Participants.

Detailed Instructions for Teachers and Students