262, Village – Korown, Sultanpur, UP- 228121 India.

Our Aim

HaatNow •Produce • Sell • Grow

HaatNow aims to increase selling opportunities for rural producers of goods and services.  It also helps to make selling and buying easier by incorporating information and communication technologies (ICT) into the buyer and seller ecosystem.

We also aim to help in reducing the displacement of population from their native setup to larger cities in search of employment and income that usually results in other secondary issues , e.g increase of pressure on resources of cities like water, electricity, transportation etc.

We aim to increase the income of rural producer and service providers by reducing the margins of middlemen and provide better prices to consumers.

We aim to generate employment to auxiliary service providers like logistic personnels to assist the movement of articles.

We aim to provide correct information to the producers to sell their produce at the correct price and not at throw away prices in wake of misinformation.

We also aim to facilitate the dissemination of relevant information to producers from government and research agencies that help them to make an informed decision.